Hello and welcome!

My name is Nicole Story and I have been stitching for more years than I care to count. I started making patterns my own with little edits here and there. Soon after that I found a pattern maker online and fell in love with designing my own patterns.

As a lover of many nerdish things (Disney, anime, Dr. Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars etc.) most of my patterns are in that vein. Although, you may see an occasional original pattern here and there if the mood strikes me.

SALs are one of my biggest (and oddly newest) passion. I just discovered them last year (2020) and I don’t know how I never knew they were a thing! I absolutely adore them. So much so, that it will be a major focus for my pattern designing going forward.

Since most of my artwork is fandom based fan art I need a standard disclaimer: I am in no way claiming rights or ownership of the characters or worlds that are in my patterns. These belong to the original creators.