Demon Slayer Mini SAL! (and info sheet)

I’m beyond excited to announce that I will be hosting a Demon Slayer Mini SAL exclusively for my Ko-fi supporters. Starting Monday July 4th at 12:01am EST and for the three following Mondays I will drop a small pattern that represents one character from the series for a total of 4.

The deets:

  • Each section is 19×42 stitches and can be stitched as a standalone or stitched together to make a full design that is 85×42 stitches.
  • Each individual design is full coverage, however if you stitch them all together there is a small gap between each individual pattern (like 3 stitches) where your fabric will show. So, honestly, the fabric color won’t really matter much.
  • There are 20 colors total. Nothing will need more than 1 skein. The full list and when it first appears can be found in the info sheet below.
  • Any level of supporter will be able to access these files. Ko-fi does require that the donation has to be within the last 30 days of the date the content is posted to access anything that is marked as supporter only.
  • If you decide to wait and support me after the release of this SAL you will still gain access to it and any other previous supporter only content.

Download the info sheet below:

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