Release Dates for Tale as Old as Time SAL!

Test stitching is going great and is at a point where I feel comfortable enough to officially announce the release schedule for the SAL. I am so excited to share this with you! Each part of the SAL will be release on the 1st day of their corresponding month.

There will be an info packet with all the information for the SAL compiled into one place, including the full floss list. I will release that here in July. 

Here’s the release schedule: 

FrameSeptember 2021
Room 1October 2021
Room 2November 2021
Room 3December 2021
Room 4January 2022
Room 5February 2022
Room 6March 2022
Room 7April 2022
Room 8May 2022
Room 9June 2022
Room 10July 2022
Room 11August 2022
Bonus Room 1September 2022
Bonus Room 2October 2022
Bonus Room 3November 2022
Bonus Room 4December 2022

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