What’s This?!

What’s this? What’s this?!

I’m happy to officially announce I will be hosting a free advent style SAL themed after Nightmare Before Christmas.

The frame will be released on September 1st and then a small square featuring a portrait style picture of something from the movie every day of October, for a total of 31 squares.

Each daily square will have an optional solid colored background you can stitch for full coverage or you can chose not to stitch it to let your fabric show through. Completely up to you!

I can already release the floss list for the frame, it’s pretty simple: 310. A lot of it. According to the program I use you will need 3.4 skeins of it.

My test stitchers are busy working on the frame and I\’m busy finishing up the designs of the daily squares.

As it stands the full pattern is 179×191 stitches (it will be taller than it is wide) and should not change from that.

I suggest bright or light colors for fabric choices. Nothing that black will blend in to. If I can get my hands on it I will be using a neon green hand dyed fabric I saw earlier today for my personal stitch of this.

Stay tuned for more information!

Have a question? Put it in the comments and I’ll answer it if it doesn’t give away any details of the SAL I don’t want to yet!

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  1. Thank you! The green fabric I got is called \”Neon Green\” and is made by Krafts By Katie Rae. She had a Facebook group where you can order from.

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