Fantasia SAL Info Packet

Hello and welcome to the Fantasia SAL! This SAL will feature one square to represent each piece/movement in the classic 1940s Fantasia SAL. Join me on a musical journey through classical pieces by greats like Tchaikovsky, Bach, and Beethoven as seen through Disney’s eyes. 

The info packet contains all the info of the SAL including the release schedule, project size, suggested fabric colors, and a list of all the colors needed, and can be downloaded HERE.

Don’t forget you can still pre-order the bundles for the SAL until the end of March in my store! There is a bundle for everyone. I’m offering a full bundle with everything you need for the SAL including full skeins of all colors need of DMC floss, a fabric bundle, and a goodie only bundle if you’d prefer to just get the extras. All bundles have the option to upgrade to an ultra bundle to extra special goodies! Check them out at my store HERE.

Come share your excitement in the Story Stitches Facebook group HERE or on Instagram (@stitchy_nerd) with #fantasiaSAL and #storystitches!

Let me know if you have any questions and happy stitching!

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