Fantasia SAL – Frame

Hello and welcome to the Fantasia SAL! This SAL will feature one square to represent each piece/movement in the classic 1940s Fantasia. Get your sorcerer’s hat at the ready and your tutu tied and join me on a musical journey through classical pieces by greats like Tchaikovsky, Bach, and Beethoven as seen through the eyes of Disney himself.

Every release will feature a Fantasia fun fact: a little tidbit I picked up about Fantasia as I was researching the SAL.

Fantasia fun fact: The original concept by Disney was a short cartoon titled The Sorcerer’s Apprentice that featured only the section with Mickey as the apprentice sorcerer. Disney wanted to boost Mickey’s popularity and take pairing animation and classical music beyond the slapstick of his past Silly Symphonies. As Disney put it, he wanted to produce shorts where “sheer fantasy unfolds … action controlled by a musical pattern has great charm in the realm of unreality.”

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